About Us

School Description

 Located at the corner of Tecumseh and Langley Avenues in London,  Tecumseh School, which was built in the early 1900's,  is a place to focus, solidify and add quality, variety,  and scope to students' lives.  It is a place for warmth and friendship and working together. Our teachers and administration are committed to helping each individual student to become the best he or she is capable of becoming.

The school building itself is a 3 storey one, with lots of architechtural detail found in schools of that era.  The main building has had two additions over the years; a focus of the original building is the Kindergarten room which is phenomenal in size and configuration.  At one time, it was the hallmark in the city of London for Kindergarten rooms.  To this day, it still has gigantic floor to ceiling windows in a bay window type format, which is quite striking as you enter the room off the main corridor. 
Our strong community ties are evident since residents have the advantage of South Secondary school being located almost beside Tecumseh, which means that our students have literally  only a few steps to take as they make the transition to a new educational experience, from Grade 8.  


School History

Tecumseh Public School resides in Old South in London, Ontario Canada.

During the second half of the nineteenth century Grand Avenue and its school were known as Maple Avenue and Maple Avenue School respectively. As the century drew to a close, the area was annexed by the city and at the dawn of the new century, Maple Avenue became Grand Avenue and the school was renamed Grand Avenue School.

By 1910, the newly annexed area vibrated with growth. Wellington Street, High Street and Ridout Street were inching their way southward, and new homes were being erected. Grand Avenue School, located on the north side of the avenue about one hundred metres west of High Street now proved inadequate. A board report of 1913 announced, "a new school...is necessary... as the old building is entirely out of date in every way". All of this was a minor inconvenience by the side of another feature: the school was, said the board, "very unsanitary".

At the beginning of 1914 the board stated that land around Tecumseh Avenue, or Duchess Avenue needed to be acquired for the erection of the new school. The board officials in February 1914, gravitated towards Duchess Avenue more than Tecumseh Avenue. The inclination is bore out by the original blueprints of the school, which were identified as "Duchess Avenue Public School."

By May 15, 1914, the land purchase must have been made because on that date, board officials decided to call the new building Tecumseh Public School.

Tecumseh Public School, described by an excited reporter of the London Free Press as "beautiful" and "magnificent" was completed at the close of 1914, at the southwest corner of Tecumseh and an embryonic Langley Street.