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    children working at a table

    Kindergarten Open House

    Students starting school in September, along with their family members are invited to visit us on Thursday, June 19

    Time: 9:45 - 10:45

    Where:  In Tecumseh gymnasium.  Enter via playground doors




    hands holding graduation caps up in the sky

    Congratulations Class of 2024

    We are proud of your accomplishments

    Enjoy your celebration

    June 20, 2024


    green rubber boots

    Dress for the Weather!

    Please anticipate that your child will play outdoors, even in poor weather.  Children need space for big body movement and loud voices.  They rarely mind the wet, if they have dry clothes to change into and rain gear to wear.  Please send a change of clothes, especially socks.  We will likely be outdoors every day, except in the case of Lightning.  On very cold or very hot days, we will limit outdoor time, but send children prepared!